Kenton Talbot Bruice, MD is a board certified OB/GYN who devotes 100% of his practice to balancing his patients hormone levels with bioidentical hormones. We restore balance using the same hormones that your body makes naturally. Dr. Bruice sees patients in Denver and Aspen, CO.


If you are experiencing mood changes, anxiety, irritability, or crying spells; waking in the middle of the night; feel as though you are losing your mind or lacking motivation; are experiencing unexplained weight gain, acne or hair loss; or if you want to be the person you used to be, then bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is for you. Bioidentical hormone therapy will improve hot flashes, night sweats, moods, memory, energy, libido, hair, and skin.

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Bioidentical hormones can be compounded for each individual and fused into very small cylinders. Hormone Pellets are smaller than a tic tac and are placed right beneath the skin usually in the area of the hip. Pellet Therapy is a simple, relatively painless procedure done under local anesthesia. Hormone pellets deliver consistent, healthy levels of hormones, thus avoiding hormone fluctuations throughout the day. Hormone pellets typically last for four months.

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Peptides, similar to proteins, are short chains of amino acids that our body naturally produces. The production of peptides in individuals can vary greatly, and we generally see a decline in our bodies’ production of peptides as we age. This is where peptide therapy comes in: Peptide therapy is the use of peptides in treatment to direct cells to perform the function specific to the peptide being used. Peptide therapy increases human growth hormone and helps with weight loss, sleep, ….

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Similar to menopause, men can suffer from low testosterone in which they experience fatigue, low libido, erectile changes, poor focus, low motivation, and mood changes. Testosterone for men is available in creams, injections, and pellets. Testosterone pellets provide the most stable, steady dose of testosterone, typically providing the needed level of testosterone for four months.

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Dr. Bruice is the only board certified OB/GYN in the state of Colorado who devotes his entire practice to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. OB/GYN’s are trained in sex hormones as every woman eventually enters menopause. Dr. Bruice is one of the initial bioidentical hormone doctors in the state of Colorado. He has helped thousands of men and women with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and he has been prescribing bioidentical hormones in Colorado since 1998.

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