Hormone Replacement Denver

Hormone replacement therapy is a process that restores the body’s natural synchronization. It’s quite normal for women’s hormones counts to begin lowering by the age of 35 and, in most cases, most women are perimenopausal in their early 40s. The average age for menopause to begin for women is 51. Due to this, the most common decade for hormone loss is between the ages of 40 and 50.

Hormone Therapy

Men also experience hormone imbalance at a similar age, known as andropause. This is the common cause of many effects of aging, such as fatigue, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, abdominal weight gain, and loss of motivation or zest for life. Other symptoms caused by andropause are mood changes, sleep problems, and reduced muscle mass.

Hormone replacement therapy can be a very natural and safe process that can significantly improve the quality of life of many men and women. However, it is often only a positive and beneficial process if bioidentical hormones are used.

Many men and women feel reluctant to use hormone replacement therapy because they feel that their bodies are naturally supposed to go through this natural process. However, hormone replacement therapy in can help many people in dealing with the detrimental symptoms that come with menopause, andropause, and the process of aging.

Local hormone replacement therapy in Denver is a healthy method for reducing the number of problems associated with the normal aging process. One key example: recent studies have shown that men and women who go through hormone loss earlier have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia.

This is because hormones assist in protecting the cardiovascular system and the brain. Hormone replacement therapy not only helps protect the heart and brain but also the health of bones, the colon, the urogenital tract, skin, joints, and hair.

Bioidentical hormones can help many people deal with some of the most common symptoms and problems of aging. To name just a few, bioidentical hormones, andropause treatment, and menopausal treatment can help with:

  • Hot flashes
  • Hair loss
  • Skin quality
  • Night sweats
  • Libido
  • Memory
  • Healthy sleep
  • Energy
  • Genital health
  • Mood

Many of these extremely common symptoms of aging can be averted with the use of bioidentical hormones in a way that is safe, convenient, and noninvasive to give you the highest level of comfort and vitality in your daily life.

Dr. Bruice and his team offer a number of different hormone treatments in Denver for those who want to help slow down the aging process. Bioidentical hormones, compounded hormones, and pellet treatment are all available to those who want take control of their lives and give themselves another few years of energy, vitality, and youth.

If you would like to book an appointment for hormone treatment, you can email us at office@kentonbruicemd.com. If you are curious about our treatments or whether hormone replacement therapy in Denver is right for you, contact Dr. Bruice directly at drbruice@kentonbruicemd.com.

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