Compounded Hormones Denver

In hormonal treatment and replacement, custom compounded hormones are one of the most precise methods of measuring dosage and potency. Each and every compounded hormone is created in a unique formulation tailored to individual needs.

As with many health issues and conditions, hormonal imbalance affects every individual differently. Some medications that work for one individual most likely won’t work for another. To counteract this, compounded hormones in Denver are created with the individual in mind. They are specifically and professionally tailored to help counteract the issues and symptoms which are affecting you directly.

Furthermore, Dr. Kenton Bruice also makes sure to use bioidentical hormones that are sourced from natural ingredients rather than synthetic compounds or chemicals. This makes it far easier for your body to adjust to your hormone therapy, especially for your heart and liver.

Compounded hormone therapy in Denver also allows for making finer adjustments over time compared to conventional hormone replacement therapy. In most cases, standard hormone replacement therapy is typically only available in a few standardized doses and formulations. This means that more conventional hormone therapy procedures cannot be as precise as compounded hormone therapy treatments in Denver.

Often conventional hormone replacement therapies can also be damaging for your body due to the method of consumption. Oral or injection treatments can often be taxing on your body while not being fully effective.
Dr. Bruice strives to ensure that all of his patients are given the most effective administration of compounded hormones, in Denver often through creams, ointments, or pellet therapy.

Most of the hormones in compounded creams are FDA approved. However, because each prescription for compounded hormones in Denver is individually tailored for a specific patients’ needs, each individual prescription cannot get FDA approval.

This fact is often used by a number of people to claim compounded hormones to be unsafe, but it is a misunderstanding of how these hormones and the FDA work.

There are no extreme side effects associated with compounded hormones, and as each hormone is tailored to your individual needs, it is far more beneficial for you and your body than conventional hormone replacement therapy.Question for Dr. Bruice? Email him directly

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