7 Tips For Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Reviewed by Dr. Kenton Bruice, MD

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The holiday season is here, which means delicious food, festive parties, and lots of temptations for individuals on a weight loss plan.

Sticking to your health goals, especially if you are taking semaglutide or tirzepatide, can be challenging during this busy time.

But fear not! With these tried and tested tips, you can navigate through the holiday season while making healthier food choices and staying on track with your weight loss plan.

Plan ahead and make nutritious choices

Before attending a holiday party or meal, consider the menu and make a mental note of the healthier food options available. Look for nutrient-rich foods such as lean proteins, whole grains, and vegetables.

Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables and fruits while practicing portion control with your favorite dishes. If possible, bring a healthy dish to share with others, ensuring that at least one nutritious food is available to you.

Mindful eating is essential

During the holiday season, it’s easy to fall into mindless eating. Chew your food slowly, savoring every bite, and check in with yourself to determine when you are satiated. This practice can help prevent overeating and keep your stress levels at bay, allowing you to maintain a healthy mindset throughout the festive period.

Drink wisely, stay hydrated

Alcoholic drinks can add up to empty calories and lead to poor food choices. Opt for low-calorie alternatives or limit your alcohol consumption by sticking to one or two beverages.

Hydrate with water before and after consuming any alcoholic drinks, and drink water throughout the day to keep hunger at bay and support mental health.

Allow yourself a guilt-free sweet treat

Depriving yourself of your favorite holiday foods can lead to a sense of frustration. Allow yourself a carefully portioned sweet treat, savor it, and move on. Remember that one small indulgence doesn’t mean you have lost control of your weight loss journey.

Stay active during the holidays

Physical activity is crucial during the holiday season. Try fitting in a workout or walk before any events, as exercising will not only help keep the extra holiday pounds away but will also help reduce stress. Encourage friends and family to join in on a fun group workout, walk, or hike—making physical activity a festive tradition.

Get enough sleep and manage stress

Lack of sleep and increased stress can lead to unhealthy food choices and an increase in stress levels. Prioritize getting a good night’s rest and practice stress management through meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises to remain grounded during the busy holiday season.

Reward and support yourself

Staying committed to a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season can be tough. Stay connected with others on the same journey as you—whether it’s an online support group or friends who are also making healthier choices. Keep in mind that you can restart your weight loss journey at any time; it’s never too late to recommit to your health goals.

Remember, the holiday season is about enjoying time with loved ones and eating delicious food. Have a balanced mindset and enjoy the time you have with your friends and family.  By following these tips, you can balance your health goals with the holiday festivities and start the new year feeling happy and healthy.

Happy Holidays From Dr. Bruice and Staff

To our valued patients taking semaglutide and tirzepatide, it is important to remember that you are not alone in your weight loss journey. We’re here to support you throughout the holiday season and beyond.

As you navigate the festivities, remember the advice shared here, and know that it’s perfectly okay to indulge a little while enjoying the company of your loved ones. The key is balance and moderation. Your commitment to your health goals is commendable, and we believe in your ability to make wise decisions.

Have a joyous holiday season, and here’s to a healthier, happier you in the New Year.

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